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professional cleaning specialists in Orting

professional cleaning specialists ortingCleaning a private or shared office is no simple chore. Depending on the size of the interior, it can take hours to properly clean and sanitize surfaces. This is why we recommend professional cleaning specialists in Orting. This takes the time-intensive task completely off your hands. How often should you arrange for professional cleaning?

Space Sharing

Do you have a business located within a larger building with other companies utilizing adjacent offices? If so, there likely will be people entering and exiting the premises during business hours. This makes cleaning and sanitizing more important. This is especially the case if there are shared rooms with other companies, such as break rooms and restrooms.

Number of Employees

The more staff you have, the more you should schedule a professional cleaning. More people means daily foot traffic, meaning the immediate space will become dirtier and attract dirt and debris. More frequent cleanings also ensure surfaces are regularly disinfected. Employees, therefore, are less likely to become ill and miss work.

Room volume

The space size is a significant variable. Larger rooms naturally take longer to properly clean, In some instances, zone cleaning may be the best pathway, with a cleaning team cycling through the space continuously.

Foot Traffic

When you have a large number of workers/patrons shuttling in and out of the area, you’ll need to schedule commercial cleaning more often. This is definitely the case for frequently traveled areas, such as lavatories, lounges, and waiting rooms.

Time to Hire Professional Cleaning Specialists in Orting?

The team at Your Cleaning Company is here to tend to your commercial and residential cleaning requirements. We also have the licensure, skills, and tools of the trade to provide top-notch move in/out cleaning for people relocating, as well as new construction cleaning for construction crews.

Your Professional Cleaning Specialists in Orting

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