COVID-19 Corona Virus & Keeping Your Home Clean in the Greater Puyallup Area

What can be done to keep your home as germ and pathogen-free as possible during an outbreak of disease like the COVID-19 Corona virus? First, remember there’s nothing better than good, old-fashioned cleaning. Cleaning is better than any chemical you can use to clean, just as it’s been proven that washing your hands with soap is more effective in killing the virus than using hand sanitizers.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Hard Surfaces

For the hard surfaces in your home, spraying of an EPA-approved sanitizer is recommended. While spraying doesn’t work as well on soft surfaces like carpet pile and fabric, it can be very effective on hard surfaces against viruses like the COVID-19 Corona virus. Here is what the EPA recommends to use for general cleaning of hard surfaces and for post-application after deep cleaning of soft surfaces.

Here is some general and very helpful information from the Centers for Disease Control about COVID-19 Corona virus.

We trust this information will be helpful to you and your family during the current challenging time in our community, country and world. Your Cleaning Company is continuing operations to help keep you and yours safe. Please give us a call for thorough cleaning and disinfection of your home’s soft surfaces.

Staying Safe from the COVID-19 Corona Virus in in the Greater Puyallup Area