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new construction cleaning service in Tacoma

New construction cleaning is a meticulous and comprehensive process that involves a range of tasks to transform a construction site into a pristine and inviting environment. It’s a great option for newly-completed homes and as a last step in your home renovation project. When you learn all that a new construction cleaning service entails, you’ll see why it’s a worthwhile investment.

1. Debris Removal

The initial phase of new construction cleaning involves the removal of construction debris. This includes discarded materials, packaging, and any remnants from the construction process. 

2. Dusting and Surface Cleaning

Construction activities often leave behind fine dust particles, grime or residue from construction materials, which can be a challenge for consumer vacuums and cleaning products to remove. We employ suitable cleaning methods based on the type of surface for a thorough clean.

3. Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

Crystal-clear windows contribute significantly to the overall appeal of a new construction. With interior and exterior window cleaning to remove any stray paint splatters, residue or dust, natural light floods the space.

4. Final Touches and Detailing

Finishing touches address the more intricate details of your completed project, such as cleaning light fixtures, switches and outlets. We also ensure that all surfaces, including countertops and appliances, are thoroughly sanitized and polished.

Do You Need New Construction Cleaning Service in Tacoma?

Your Cleaning Company takes pride in our commitment to excellence in new construction cleaning services. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your property is not just clean but ready to be showcased and enjoyed. Our commercial services, residential cleaning services and move out services clients enjoy that same high standard of care, too. When you’re looking for expert cleaners who are prompt, reliable, and have a strong reputation for integrity and attention to detail, contact us.

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